March 2014


Field Training Exercise ATLANTIC HOPE is held at the Public Safety Training Complex of Indian River State College (IRSC) in Fort Pierce, Florida in March.

This four day long exercise will test the ability of disaster relief and humanitarian studies participants to apply what they have learned about the planning and conduct of relief missions in a full-scale simulated disaster environment.

ATLANTIC HOPE will be held twice in 2014: from 6-9 March 2014 for undergraduates and 13-16 March 2014 for graduate students and practitioners.

In this exercise participants are members of a humanitarian relief agency called International Humanitarian Action (IHA) and deploy on Thursday to the fictional country of Atlantica in response to a complex humanitarian emergency.

All participants (faculty, C/Es, students) must read and understand the supporting documentation on this website prior to attending ATLANTIC HOPE. These documents include “About Atlantica”, “Situation Reports (Sitreps),” “About IHA” and the “MoU” and “AoA”.

Thursday evening marks the technical beginning of the exercise and participants should consider themselves already in the war-torn and earthquake stricken country of Atlantica.

On Friday there will be a series of team-building and technical classes offered "in-country" by several subject matter experts to prepare participants before moving out to the disaster area. Participants may leave after the conclusion of the exercise on Sunday afternoon. Arrangements can be made for those who wish to leave on Monday morning.



What to Bring to FTX Atlantic Hope

  1. -color photocopies (2) of your ID preferably your passport to clear Atlantican customs and immigration.

- sleeping bag

  1. -clothing for four days

  2. -cargo pants - tan or green - no camouflage

  3. -tee shirts

  4. -rain jacket

  5. -sweater (it can get cool at night)

  6. -ball cap - no logos

- water bottles or hydration packs

  1. -toiletries for four days

  2. -towel and flip-flops for shower

- medicines if needed

  1. -Note that all items will be inspected.

- Read the Blue Book!

You may bring your cellphones and other communication devices. Be advised that at this point it is unclear whether or not the Atlantican authorities will permit their use. Be sure to tell your family and friends in advance that you may not be able to contact them while you are in Atlantica. IHA will maintain an emergency contact number.

For more information please contact: info@humanitariantraining.org